Tuesday, 12 January 2010

14 Days in Fuertaventura

Branco de Torre as seen on the approach to Fuertaventura it is not far from Calle de Fuste great place with massive potential , water is the key , very dry while I was there, while others visited just a few weeks before had much more here as it was wetter.
Common Sandpiper on the pool by Atlantico Shopping Centre...... of no use to me but handy to drop the other halve here as you head off birding
Spanish Sparrow on the headland make good subjects for photographs , we also had them drop on our balcony, and a pair displaying & mating as I swam in the pool.
Berthelot's Pipit common and confiding ,nice birds !!
Corys Shearwater, very common in the right conditions I observed at least 1000 in the 14 days
Cory's Shearwater one or two would come in close ,but I'm sure there must be opportunities to get closer perhaps on a boat
Yellow Legged Gulls sat n the point where I seawatched so I took a couple of shots the strong light was a problem, I thought I'll get them another day but they did not come back, I had assumed they would be in the small harbour but no.
Whimbrel dropped in while seawatching
Red Billed Tropic Bird in company with YLG, superb bird probably my most exotic birds to date

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